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The Pebble-mine related content on this site is no longer actively maintained. To see our latest information about Pebble, visit our current Pebble Mine (copper/gold prospect) article on Ground Truth Trekking. You can also find articles there about Pebble mine water and hydrology, Mining claims near Pebble, and an article on the Keystone article on Pebble Mine.

Go to map-linked photos, selected slideshows, or scroll down for a menu of photos from different areas of the Pebble Mine watersheds. All photos were taken on my 2005 and 2006 backpacking treks through the Pebble Region, and high res versions are free for non-profit use (contact me for permission for other uses).

I'm on a 9 month expedition from Seattle to the Aleutian Islands, exploring environmental issues along the way. I'll be revisiting Pebble in the course of this journey in January 2008. Follow along on the journey blog
Photo tour and slideshows of the Pebble Mine region

See slideshows, and map-linked photos
Mine Site photos - 2006
Upper Talarik Creek photos
Bristol Bay photos
Nushagak River photos
Kvichak River photos
Lake Iliamna photos
Mulchatna River photos
Koktuli River photos
2005 Photos (includes mine site and surrounding areas/towns)

The Pebble Mine project is a controversial proposal by Northern Dynasty Minerals to build one of the largest gold and copper mines in the world, in southwest Alaska, near Lake Iliamna. Northern Dynasty has not yet applied for permits, but their current proposal involves both a large open pit and an underground mine, as well as removal of the water from the headwaters of Upper Talarik Creek and the Koktuli River ( important fish habitats). The site sits at the headwaters of two major Bristol Bay drainages ( Nushagak and Kvichak), and potentially poses a large threat to the region's water and salmon. This proposal has become a major political issue in Alaska, pitting pro-mining forces against local native villages and commercial and sport fishermen.

Pictures and other files are provided free for download for non-profit use only. Please credit the photographer (Erin McKittrick). For commercial use, please contact me at mckittre at gmail dot com. My photographs of the Pebble Mine area have been published in Alaska and Fly Fisherman magazines, the Bristol Bay Times, as well as by the Renewable Resources Coalition, the Wilderness Society, the Alaska Conservation Foundation, and other environmental groupss.

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