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Erin & Hig's Alaska Trekking Page

There is no road beneath my feet
No hearth at journey's end
And while I travel I may meet
Some beasts but rarely men

I scramble over rocky pass
To float the rising stream
From glacier's snout to ocean bay
And all that lies between

Past glacier, wood, and river's bend
My weary feet plod on
From mountains I've left far behind
To those yet far beyond

And when I pitch my tarp at night
And tuck myself within
I dream of all the walks I've done
And those yet to begin
-Erin McKittrick, 2005

The author and husband on their Alaska Peninsula trek

Lightweight, long-distance, off-trail hiking and packrafting in Alaska.

We've traveled over 6000 miles in the Alaska wilderness (as well as another thousand or so in Washington and British Columbia) - from Southwest to Southeast , the Brooks Range, and many spots in South Central and the Kenai Peninsula. You can find stories, journal entries, maps and pictures of our adventures in the Alaska treks section.

For the latest happenings, visit the blog on our new website: Ground Truth Trekking. Ground Truth Trekking seeks to increase awareness of natural resource and environmental issues by providing information, photos, and stories about the places at the center of these issues.

Route Map

Latest Expedition!
Our Journey on the Wild Coast was an unprecedented four-thousand-mile expedition along the northern edge of the Pacific, through some of the most rugged terrain in the world.
We traveled from Seattle to the Aleutian Islands. From the Puget Sound to the Bering Sea, along the edge of the north Pacific. Entirely under human power, by foot, packraft, and skis. An expedition to explore and communicate the broad environmental issues facing this region. June 9, 2007 through June 27, 2008.

Looking for my Pebble Mine page?

Alaska Treks
Photos, maps and journals of our major adventures

Gear list, weights, and discussion of gear

Alpacka and Sevylor reviews, packrafting tips, and packraft trips.

Pebble Mine
Photos and info about a proposed gold/copper mine in the heawaters of Bristol Bay.

Articles I've written about my travels and environmental work

Alaska treks, and Hig's Sri Lanka tsunami survey

Pack Food
Recipes, calorie calculation, and discussion of pack food

About us
A little bit about who we are

Links to other backpacking pages, gear manufacturers, etc..

A guestbook for comments, questions, or ideas.

If you're planning your own trip, you can find our ideas on trekking gear and pack food. Our style of wilderness travel is a bit idiosyncratic, so take any advice here at your own risk. Hopefully, some folks reading this page will be inspired to undertake their own bizarre adventures.

You can contact me at mckittre at gmail dot com
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