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Indian Ocean Tsunami

Sri Lanka tsunami survey photos

Click on the picture to see photos Hig (Bretwood Higman) took while participating in a scientific post-tsunami survey in Sri Lanka from the 9th to the 15th of January, 2005. 13 photos.

Check out these articles on the post-tsunami survey from the Seattle PI.

Tsunami detectives hunt for hidden clues Jan 8
Sri Lanka may hold more answers about tsunamis Jan 10
Tsunami experts examine waves' debris Jan 12
Studying the killer wave for clues that can save lives Jan 14
Tsunami expert had tough case to prove Jan 17
Secrets of tsunamis not easily revealed Jan 17

Wave of Destruction has a lot of great video footage and pictures of the tsunami and its aftermath.

Contact Hig at hig314 at yahoo.com

Last modified: 1/20/2005