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Seldovia to Homer - 2000

This was our shakedown trip for the 2001 trek down the Alaska Peninsula. We started from Hig's hometown of Seldovia, and decided to take the long way around Kachemak Bay to Homer - via the outer coast (Kenai Fjords National Park). This part of the Kenai peninsula is rugged and mountainous, and we had to choose our route carefully to avoid being trapped by cliffs and glaciers. The Kenai Fjords area was especially impressive, with large glacier-filled valleys, and waterfalls dropping straight into the ocean from seaside cliffs.

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Kenai Peninsula
Our route
Photo Gallery
Rafting Nuka Passage
If you look closely, there's a tiny speck of me rafting - halfway between the left side of the waterfall and the edge of the picture.
Erin approaching Yalik Glacier
The glaciers have retreated significantly since the '50s when the maps were made. In this valley we were often walking on unmapped terrain.
Hig crossing a river that has recently switched channels
Erin waking up in a cold campsite near Bradley Pass